Bubble Soccer on Shark Tank

Shark Tank turns spotlight on fast rising Bubble Soccer sports game here in the US!


Tonight at 9PM, on ABC's Shark Tank, America is going to get an even greater glimpse into why, when it comes to Bubble Sports, #TheHypeIsReal.


John Anthony Radosta, founder of the National Association of Bubble Soccer, is hoping to tug on the wallet strings of at least one of the sharks and explain why Bubble Soccer and Bubble Sports in general are worth the investment.


In a nutshell, here's why we think the Sharks should pull the trigger:

  1. Bubble Soccer is fun for children and adults alike. Cuteness or Hilarity. Choose your destiny!
  2. Bubble Soccer is a great partner for philanthropic or communal events. Fundraisers and FUNraisers alike are welcome!
  3. Ever wanted to smash your friends yet not truly physically impale them? Us too.
  4. Bubble Sports are the best combination of fun, extreme, and safety we've ever seen. That's what hooked us. To this day, not a single injury. To this day, yacht-loads of stupid fun. 


Near Athens, GA? Looking for Bubble Soccer? 
Come on over and play. See for yourself why #TheHypeIsReal


Good luck to NABS and our Bubble Sports comrade, Mr. Radosta. We salute you. 


Your brethren at RAD