Is it safe?

To be honest…yes. We’ve had no serious injuries in the history of our company. Really. The bubble balls are so absorbent that if you even if you crush your friends, the balls absorb most of the shock.

So I won’t get hurt?

We certainly cannot guarantee that. Any time the human race participates in sports, injuries are a reasonable possibility. What we are promising is that our sport is not unreasonably dangerous. 

Do I have to sign a waiver?

Oh Lord Jesus yes. No one gets inside a bubble unless that magical piece of paper is signed. Our waivers are available here.

Are you guys insured?

See above sentiments. Wouldn’t leave home without it.

What should I wear?

Closed-toed shoes and shirts with sleeves are of the highest recommendation. Other than that, basic athletic gear is a solid choice.

What ages is it safe for?

We recommend no one younger than 9 years of age. It really has more to do with their size than age. Also, any spunky senior citizen could totally knock you good in one of our bubbles! 

Does RAD provide the location for these bubble sports?

Nope. That’s on you. Find us a grassy place – be it neighborhood, park, or backyard – and we will come bring the party!

Does RAD provide a DJ? 

Yes. We like to keep the hype as real as possible.

Does RAD do gigs in gyms?

Nope. DESTROYS the surface of our beautiful bubble fleet.

What if it rains?

We provide the most secured rain checks ever. We work with you to find a new time and new place to enhance your life. 

My event is only scheduled to last ___ hour(s). Is that enough time? Really?

Absolutely. For example, we usually run 3-minute rounds in our games because it’s such a highly anaerobic activity. We hope you consider tricking your body into exercising!

What size Bubble Balls should I get for my event?

We recommend our “Junior Balls” for Middle Schoolers and under. We recommend our “Adult Balls” for High Schoolers and up. The choice is yours! FYI, Adults cannot play in the Junior Balls.

What if I’ve got both ranges of bodies that need to play?

We offer specialized (read: heavily discounted) pricing for someone who’s renting out both Junior and Adult Balls. Ask us about it!

How do I get my friends / students / peers ready for action?

We’d recommend peeking the email we sent you when you signed up. You will find helpful hints, video clips, and more!

Do you guys do discounts for _________? Please. 

We don’t have a particular discount rate for any type of specific organizations even though we are highly involved people ourselves. However, we are always willing to work to find a solution. Got a hardline budget? Reach out to us and let us know. Let’s see if we can make some magic happen!

Is the hype actually real?

Yes. You will lose your mind. It’s stupid fun.